I have been working with Mark Rutjes for many years now, he followed and trained me while I was climbing up responsibilities in my company. Now that I’m managing it, I’m using Mark’s trainings regularly for my Sales people and also for administrative staff.
He’s skilled for many different approaches: sales, communication, time management, market approach and individual development.
I very much recommend Mark Rutjes for all companies that want to upgrade and improve their staff skills and knowledge. The extra point is that Mark is not only a great professional, but also an excellent relative.

Eric Peltier, Country Manager France

I would like to recommend Mark to everyone who wants to coach, train or re-organise a company, team or individual in a way which will bring results.
In the last 3 years I knew Mark, one of the biggest differences with former coaches in my past, is the fact that he is communicating in a personal way which is sincere, and never letting his goals and mission out of sight. He is well organized, extremely well informed in pending matters and straight to the point.
No talking, not just doing his thing which he is hired for, Mark is in a most professional way and personal concerned with the mission and goals he stands for. It is a true pleasure to work with him because of the multi level of training, coaching and organizing and the fact he really knows what he is talking about.

Marcel Krauth, Sales Manager Holland